April 24, 2015

Father of the emoticon comes out swinging: I think emojis are ugly

In a way, these all descended from the original thing I did, and I’m the father of all these things. But if you ask me, the first emoticon was the exclamation mark, because it was text that conveyed emotion without spelling it out in words. And I wouldn’t say emojis have wiped out emoticons; I mean, there’s the rebel underground. My friends and I who are computer scientists still use the text ones.

April 18, 2015

Reverse Engineering WipEout (PSX)

I remember poking around on the CD of the PC Version of WipEout back in the day, looking for ways to modify the game. I was thrilled to find .pcx images of all textures and tried to change one of the in-game billboard graphics to show my name. I wasn’t able to get it working.

Now, almost 20 years later, I thought I’d give it another shot.

The finished, JavaScript-based model viewer can be found here.

April 17, 2015

The first Tizen smartphone isn’t an “Android killer”—it’s a bad Android clone

Tizen is the Highlander of the mobile world. The Linux-based OS is an amalgamation of every other failed or aborted Linux smartphone platform. If it’s Linux-based and not made by Google, there’s a good chance it’s been rolled into Tizen at some point. Tizen’s family tree includes Moblin, Meego, LiMo, and Bada, with large chunks of code written by the Linux Foundation, Intel, Samsung, and even the pre-Microsoft Nokia.

I laughed.

David Chase on creating the final scene of The Sopranos

Eight years after it aired, the finale of The Sopranos continues to be hotly debated. David Chase explains how he created the excruciating tension of the last scene. What he won’t say is what happened at the end.

A great piece on how the scene was shot. I remember it being really intense but couldn’t quite explain why.

A Bank Website on WordPress

There’s a thread on Quora asking “I am powering a bank’s website using WordPress. What security measures should I take?” The answers have mostly been ignorant junk along the lines of “Oh NOES WP is INSECURE! let me take my money out of that bank”, so I wrote one myself, which I’ve copied below.

Hear, hear. I am so tired of reading the same bullshit about WordPress and security.

April 12, 2015

Layer Cake

It’s been over a decade since it first saw release, but I only got around to watching Layer Cake a couple of days ago. A gripping British crime drama with one of the best performances I’ve seen Daniel Craig give. Highly recommended.


April 11, 2015
April 10, 2015

Glossary of auto-antonyms

One example: egregious, which can mean “outstandingly bad” or “remarkably good”, depending on the context.