Site update

I’m making a few small changes to the way posts on are presented, hopefully making it easier to navigate the site and find the content you’re interested in. From now on, all posts published on the site will have their own title, and clicking a post’s title will behave in one of two ways depending on what type of post it is:

  • Original posts that I write will have titles that are permanent links to the post in question. Simply put, these types of posts will behave just like they do on almost any other blog.
  • Posts that are essentially links to interesting sites, articles etc. will have titles that link straight to the source. These posts do however also have their own permanent links, just click on the hash sign (it’s in the post footer, right after the date of the post)

I hope to have the aforementioned changes implemented fully in the next couple of days. This should also fix the issue where posts in the site’s RSS feed didn’t have a title.