Monthly Archives: November 2009

November 30, 2009

Tweetie 2.1

Now available from the App Store, with support added for lists, geotagging and the new retweet style.

November 29, 2009


A racing game in development by Supersonic Software, makers of Mashed, Circuit Breakers and Micro Machines. I haven’t seen any press coverage on this title yet, which is surprising considering how good the older ones were.

About Silverlight on iPhone

An extensive article on Betanews discussing the technical aspects of Silverlight on the iPhone. Using the HTML5 <video> element is genius, as it eliminates the need for a seperate plugin (which Apple probably wouldn’t allow anyway).

November 27, 2009

John Gruber's regex for matching URLs

This pattern attempts to be practical. It makes no attempt to parse URLs according to any official specification. It isn’t limited to predefined URL protocols. It should be clever about things like parentheses and trailing punctuation.

URLs are notoriously difficult to match with regular expressions. This seems to be a pretty accurate implementation, I’ve yet to have it fail.