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November 27, 2009

A Life Well Wasted, episode 5

Robert Ashley helps people in videogames instead of helping people in real life, meets a comedy group who spend hundreds of hours every year playing the most boring videogame ever created, talks to a guy who quit playing games for a year, and profiles the best selling pinball designer of all time.

All two hundred hand-made screen prints of Olly Moss’s artwork for this episode are unfortunately sold out.

November 26, 2009
November 24, 2009

EA develops Madden for disabled gamers

EA Sports have teamed up with VTree, a provider of software for those with disabilities, to release what’s essentially a modified version of Madden.

Hats of to them.

Thoughts on Go

Ongoing discussion at Stack Overflow regarding the language. Seems to be an equal divide of those who like it, those who don’t and those who couldn’t care less.