First "analysis" of the Nokia-Microsoft alliance

But back to three operating systems – that means more costs and confusion. If you thought that Nokia’s ‘execution’ was a problem before – just watch it do delays like a pro this year – like someone… who should I think of, someone who really knows how to deliver software on time? hmmm.. MICROSOFT !

This isn’t an “analysis” but a piece that is opinionated in every sense of the word. I’d be willing to bet that the first Windows Phone from Nokia will be released on schedule.

I will not be the first to say this, nor the last, but Nokia needs to kill off its OS platforms more quickly than that. Its now a journey into futility. Nobody believes in Nokia OS platforms anymore, they are the walking dead. Why develop them? Why maintain them?

First off, I’d like to redirect the author to presentation slides presented by Stephen Elop, clearly stating that Windows Phone will replace Symbian completely. I’d also like to highlight another Engadget piece stating that “Stephen Elop says that he expects Nokia to ramp up the transition this year and be ready to ship Windows Phone 7 devices in significant volume in 2012”.

If Nokia foresees selling Windows Phone devices in 2012, why would they not maintain Symbian until then? Maybe they should shut down all Symbian operations today and stop selling phones for the rest of the year. Additionally, no-one has said that Symbian and MeeGo will continue to be developed, only supported.

Does Nokia gain a superior OS out of Microsoft? No. Phone 7 won’t even be able to run all the features that current Nokia premium phones have. So right from the start, this means moving Nokia abilities down a notch.

Less features? I agree. The iPhone also has fewer features, and it turned out okay.