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March 13, 2011
March 11, 2011

Photos of the earthquake in Japan

As one of my friends pointed out, this may very well be the most comprehensively photographed/videotaped natural disaster in memory.

Why Nokia failed

I don’t usually read The Register, but this article is exceptionally well-written and thoroughly researched. It includes thoughts by Mark Wilcox, a mobile developer and author that has worked for both Nokia and the Symbian Foundation.

The UX matters: it’s the first thing potential customers see when a friend passes them their new phone in the pub. A well-designed UX is consistent, forgiving and rewarding; Nokia’s user experience was inconsistent, unforgiving and hostile. Nokia’s designers honed in with meticulous attention to the wrong detail. Apple’s iPhoneOS UI had some unusual features – smooth graphics that played transitions at 60-frames-per-second, thanks to a dedicated graphics chip. Instead of redesigning the entire UX, Nokia acquired expensive professional-grade video cameras to determine the animation speed, and having confirmed that yes, it was 60fps, tried to recreate the transitions.

March 9, 2011


Jetpack supercharges your self‑hosted WordPress site with the awesome cloud power of

It’s basically a single plugin that provides the best features on for use on self-hosted WordPress blogs. Worth it for the LaTeX support alone.

March 8, 2011