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May 31, 2011

E3 press conference dates & times

Because I intend to watch the press conferences, I made a list of when each conference starts, along with a link to each live stream.

  • Microsoft: June 6, 1900 hours EEST / 1600 hours GMT
  • Sony: June 7, 0300 hours EEST / June 7 0000 hours GMT
  • Nintendo:  June 7, 1900 hours EEST / 1600 hours GMT


This system acts as a regular expression generator. Instead of trying to build the regular expression, you start off with the string that you want to search. You paste this into the site, click submit and the site finds recognisable patterns in your string. You then select the patterns that you are interested in and it writes a fully fledged program that extracts those patterns from that string.

A time-saver if ever I saw one.

25 years after Chernobyl

Redkovka, Ukraine, bears little resemblance to the place it was 25 years ago. Its stores, its school, its factory, and its homes — all are gone, or dramatically changed, as a result of the 1986 nuclear accident at Chernobyl, about 22 miles away.