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December 14, 2011

186 Gigabits per second

That’s a new world record for data transfer.

The rate is equivalent to moving two million gigabytes per day, fast enough to transfer nearly 100,000 full Blu-ray disks-each with a complete movie and all the extras-in a day.


December 12, 2011


As mentioned in a previous entry, I’ve opened up my mashup application to the public. From the application page:

Enter a topic, and Chirpmap will highlight the locations that are tweeting about it. In real time.

Keep in mind that the app is still a prototype, and hasn’t been tested in an environment with many simultaneous users.


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2011: The year in photos

As the end of the year grows nigh, the inevitable flood of articles discussing 2011 begins. In Focus has a great collection of images from this year’s most important events. (via


Coding Horror’s excellent overview of not only FXAA, but SSAA and MSAA as well.