Monthly Archives: January 2013

January 22, 2013

Does Blue Monday really exist?

… not only does Blue Monday appear to be a myth, but so does the idea that we don’t like Mondays in general.

January 21, 2013


[mincss] is a tool that when given a URL (or multiple URLs) downloads that page and all its CSS and compares each and every selector in the CSS and finds out which ones aren’t used. The outcome is a copy of the original CSS but with the selectors not found in the document(s) removed.

January 16, 2013


A command-line code search tool. This may prove invaluable.

January 9, 2013
January 2, 2013


Dstat is a versatile replacement for vmstat, iostat, netstat and ifstat. Dstat overcomes some of their limitations and adds some extra features, more counters and flexibility. Dstat is handy for monitoring systems during performance tuning tests, benchmarks or troubleshooting.

Announcing Ubuntu for phones

Ubuntu for phones is not just limited to just the Operating System on the phone screen itself. Ubuntu also has the technology, as demonstrated with Ubuntu For Android, to boot a full Ubuntu desktop from the phone when it is docked with a screen.