A reverse-chronological list of peer-reviewed articles, tutorials and opinion pieces in the areas of software engineering and machine learning.

Machine learning & statistics

  1. Real-world reinforcement learning / contextual bandits. Max Pagels, 18.5.2019
  2. Machine Learning Reductions & Mother Algorithms, Part II: Multiclass to Binary Classification. Max Pagels, 16.11.2018
  3. Machine Learning Reductions & Mother Algorithms, Part I: An Introduction. Max Pagels, 5.11.2018
  4. Architecting a scalable real time learning systemMax Pagels, 5.9.2018
  5. The curious tale of William Sealy Gosset. Max Pagels, 12.6.2018
  6. What is online machine learning? Max Pagels, 20.4.2018
  7. The general discussion surrounding AI is embarrassing, and we need to do something about it. Max Pagels, 9.2.2018
  8. Introducing one of the best hacks in machine learning: the hashing trick. Max Pagels, 30.12.2017

Software engineering

  1. The Highways and Country Roads to Continuous Deployment. Marko Leppänen, Simo Mäkinen, Max Pagels, Veli-Pekka Eloranta, Juha Itkonen, Mika V Mäntylä, Tomi Männisto. IEEE Software, 1.3.2015
  2. Examining the structure of lean and agile values among software developers. Fabian Fagerholm & Max Pagels, International Conference on Agile Software Development, 26.5.2014.