• Game of Life (ZIP): a multithreaded Java implementation of Conway’s Game of Life. Uses Java’s CyclicBarrier class.


  • ChemSpider search: a command-line tool to search ChemSpider for details on chemical structures.
  • CSV Splitter: a simple Python 3 script that takes a CSV as input and splits the contents into several smaller CSV files based on unique values of a given column.


OS X Automator Workflows

  • Merge PDFs (ZIP): takes one or more PDFs as input, merges them and saves the resulting PDF on the desktop.
  • Convert PDFs to PNGs (ZIP):┬átakes one or more PDFs as input, renders them as RGB PNGs (300 DPI), and saves them to the desktop.

Web apps & scripts (unfinished)

  • FMI weather: displays the current weather based on your closest FMI (Finnish Meteorological Institute) weather station. Optimised for iPhone, uses GPS and updates every two minutes.