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November 6, 2014


Search the full text of every web page you visit securely and privately from any device.

Available as a cloud app or a locally hosted one.

February 6, 2014

It seems like the DirectWrite implementation for the Windows version of Chrome is close to being finished. Thank the gods.

We’re polishing the implementation and making sure it’s ready to ship to all of Chrome’s Windows users. Take a look at the “Blocked on” list for Issue 25541 for what is remaining.

We’re working hard on these and allowing DirectWrite from within the sandbox. When these are all finished we’ll ship it. From there it’ll make its way through Dev Channel, Beta, and finally hit Stable, generally around 10 weeks later, give or take.

September 30, 2013

Line Mode Browser

The line-mode browser, launched in 1992, was the first readily accessible browser for what we now know as the world wide web.

March 2, 2013

HTML5 Readiness

This has to be the quickest way of finding out what HTML5 feature is supported by which browsers.

February 27, 2013

DeviceOrientation Event Specification

This specification defines several new DOM events that provide information about the physical orientation and motion of a hosting device.

These seem to be implemented in Android ICS 4.0 and above. Time to do some testing.

February 13, 2013

Opera moving to WebKit for future products

On the same day as announcing that Opera has 300 million users, we’re also announcing that for all new products Opera will use WebKit as its rendering engine and V8 as its JavaScript engine.

And just like that, I am 100 times more interested in Opera’s future projects. (via Stuff & Nonsense)