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April 4, 2015

Given Enough Money, All Bugs Are Shallow

Jeff Atwood on Linus’s Law and instances when it might not apply.

  1. There’s a big difference between usage eyeballs and development eyeballs. Just because you pull down some binaries in a RPM, or compile something in Linux, or even report bugs back to the developers via their bug tracker, doesn’t mean you’re doing anything at all to contribute to the review of the underlying code. Most eyeballs are looking at the outside of the code, not the inside. And while you can discover bugs, even important security bugs, through usage, the hairiest security bugs require inside knowledge of how the code works.
July 23, 2012

New programming jargon

A list of the 30 most popular entries from the “New programming jargon you coined?” thread on Stack Overflow. I particularly like the notions of Yoda conditions and Pokémon exception handling.

March 28, 2010

The Opposite of Fitt's Law

If we should make UI elements we want users to click on large, and ideally place them at corners or edges for maximum clickability — what should we do with UI elements we don’t want users to click on? Like, say, the “delete all my work” button?

A fantastic post, as usual.