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February 12, 2014

What happened to Green Goose?

Remember the startup Green Goose? I wrote about it back in 2011.

The Boston Globe published a story about the company late last year. In the end, technical difficulties and trouble finding a distribution partner were what brought the startup to its knees.

GreenGoose’s Twitter account posted its last tweet in May. Its online store is shuttered. Krejcarek, now back in Portland, says he is doing consulting work for other companies, but he’s also working on a new game-related venture, ZowPow. “I like building things, and I don’t want to stop building things,” he says.

March 13, 2011


GreenGoose is a real-world game platform with wireless sensors that automatically measure things you actually do!

This may actually work, because the exercise sensor is the size of a credit card and the other ones are simple stickers that have year-long batteries built-in. Not having to do anything extra after the initial setup is absolutely key. And the setup has to be extremely simple.