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January 12, 2016

The second HTC Vive development kit has a built-in camera and new controllers

Right now, the camera doesn’t provide much beyond this boundary feature and a full “chaperone” mode, which replaces your entire environment with the camera view. It’s HTC and Valve’s answer to the vital question “How do you drink a glass of whiskey in VR?”, and while it’s a pretty good one, it’s still not hugely ambitious. But the technology opens up a broader range of possibilities. Third-party developers will be able to tap into it for their own purposes, and an HTC spokesperson says that its software can map 3D space, which would let virtual objects respond to real-world ones — similar to Microsoft’s HoloLens room-scanning tech.

Including front-facing cameras in VR headsets enable, at the very least, some nice quality of life features.