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May 27, 2015

2015 Internet Trends Report

KPCB’s Mary Meeker presents the 2015 Internet Trends report, 20 years after the inaugural “The Internet Report” was first published in 1995.

197 slides but, as always, well worth it.

December 5, 2014
August 3, 2012

Chinese Internet memes

Just because China blocks access to Facebook and Twitter, it doesn’t mean that the country is void of Internet memes — they’re just not quite the same as the ones I’m used to.

February 11, 2011

How the Internet gets inside us

Expertly written piece by Adam Gopnik discussing how people perceive the Internet and how that perception colours their behaviour.

A series of books explaining why books no longer matter is a paradox that Chesterton would have found implausible, yet there they are, and they come in the typical flavors: the eulogistic, the alarmed, the sober, and the gleeful.

[via ma.tt]

March 11, 2010
January 5, 2010

IPv4 usage

Well-researched piece by Ars Technica. Of 3,706,650,624 usable addresses only 722,000,000 (or 19,5 %) are still available.

The good news is that although a hundred thousand times more IPv6 than IPv4 space has been given out, 99.974 percent of it is still available.