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July 22, 2013

I just got a fantastic idea for a new iPhone app. I can’t wait to dive into Xcode soon.

July 8, 2013
December 15, 2012

Google Maps out for iOS

iOS 6 famously included Apple’s home-grown Maps, and to be frank, they aren’t always awesome. While Google’s offering isn’t perfect, either, it will be nice to have both when out and about.

Correction: “aren’t always awesome” should be replaced by “are utter shit”.

June 28, 2012

Facebook to speed up its iOS app

The current version of the app is essentially an Objective-C shell with a Web browser inside. When it comes to speed, this is like putting the engine of a Smart Car in the body of a Ferrari.

Eloquently put.

March 11, 2011

Why Nokia failed

I don’t usually read The Register, but this article is exceptionally well-written and thoroughly researched. It includes thoughts by Mark Wilcox, a mobile developer and author that has worked for both Nokia and the Symbian Foundation.

The UX matters: it’s the first thing potential customers see when a friend passes them their new phone in the pub. A well-designed UX is consistent, forgiving and rewarding; Nokia’s user experience was inconsistent, unforgiving and hostile. Nokia’s designers honed in with meticulous attention to the wrong detail. Apple’s iPhoneOS UI had some unusual features – smooth graphics that played transitions at 60-frames-per-second, thanks to a dedicated graphics chip. Instead of redesigning the entire UX, Nokia acquired expensive professional-grade video cameras to determine the animation speed, and having confirmed that yes, it was 60fps, tried to recreate the transitions.

December 17, 2010

Word Lens

An augmented reality instant translation application for iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 and fourth generation iPod touches. The video on the site really is quite astounding the first time you watch it.