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December 18, 2015

Hideo Kojima’s Mission Unlocked

For Kojima, the future involves ridding himself of distracting responsibilities. “When working in big companies, especially Japanese companies, every little thing has to be approved beforehand, and you need paperwork to do anything,” he said. “Now that I’m independent, I can do what I want with much more speed. I don’t need to invest time in unnecessary presentations. I shoulder the risk.” He also relishes the chance to speak his mind. “When I was in a company, my personal statements could be taken as the over-all direction of the company. As such, I couldn’t say just anything.”

Godspeed, Hideo.

October 22, 2015

The New Yorker's piece on Hideo Kojima

Why would Konami drop its star game maker and shut down his studio? Although work on Phantom Pain is known to have been slower and more expensive than the company planned—a Nikkei report estimated the cost of development at more than eighty million dollars—Kojima’s instinct to hold off the game’s release until he was satisfied with its quality seems, by both critical and commercial standards, sound. As such, some people within the video-game industry contend that his resignation was less a result of personal or artistic differences than of tectonic changes in the business—namely, the move away from console games and toward the domain of the mobile device.

I have no choice but to admit that the rise of mobile gaming is making console and PC gaming increasingly irrelevant. I just wish it wasn’t so. I want Kojima to be given the time and resources he needs, because the results will most likely be spectacular.

A man can dream, right?

August 9, 2015

Did a second playthrough of P.T. yesterday. It really is one of the most terrifying games I’ve ever played. Such a shame we’ll not be getting Silent Hills.

May 14, 2015

YouTube Overrides Konami's Video Takedown

George “Super Bunnyhop” Weidman published “Kojima vs. Konami: An Investigation more than two weeks ago, in which he alleged an insider at the company had passed on information about the deteriorating relationship between Metal Gear designer Hideo Kojima and Konami.

“This may be the first time YouTube has quickly stepped in and reviewed a bogus copyright claim for a gaming video,” he said to me over email. “If that’s the case, then my situation my [sic] be breaking new ground, and this could be good news for YouTubers everywhere.”

Score one for the good guys.