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March 5, 2015

Positional Tracking: What it is, how its done, and why Valves tracker is a revolution

Positional tracking is what everybody always wanted motion controls to be. In the above example, if we could accurately track the position of our hand in space (i.e. knowing with absolute certainty where it was every single time we checked, in X, Y, and Z) then we could let a physics engine take over and actually launch the ball correctly. It’s not triggering a pitching event in this example, but rather our actual position of the hand is influencing a physics engine. This is how reality works, and it feels much better.

I don’t usually link to forum posts, but this one by Krejlooc on Neogaf explains in-depth, yet in plain English, a) what positional tracking is and b) why VR enthusiasts should be stupidly excited for Valve’s solution.

January 15, 2014

There is a “Your still sealed games” thread going on on NeoGAF. I don’t own that many rare games, and most of my games are unsealed. The only one I can recall still being in shrink wrap is Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days for the 360, and that’s simply because I haven’t gotten to it yet.

February 12, 2013

Frame Latency — Why you should stop talking about FPS

A great thread on NeoGAF discussing the pros of using frame latency as a metric over frames per second for assessing the performance of video games. It’s a little bit harder to understand, but appears to capture stuttering issues much more accurately.