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February 8, 2010

Linus on the Nexus One

What a difference! I no longer feel like I’m dragging a phone with me “just in case” I would need to get in touch with somebody – now I’m having a useful (and admittedly pretty good-looking) gadget instead. The fact that you can use it as a phone too is kind of secondary.

December 29, 2009
December 15, 2009

Two versions of the Nexus One

One to be sold unlocked via the Google website, the other with a T-Mobile contract. The reported release date of January 5 took me by surprise.

December 14, 2009

The Nexus One story so far

A long article by Engadget covering detailing what is known about the Google Phone up to this point.

There have been zero –zero – official statements about Google selling the device to retailers or directly to consumers. There is a Wall Street Journal article which claims that this is the strategy Google is headed in, but the post contains a number of poorly sourced and suspect facts, so we say take it with a major grain of salt. Other reports say “what if” and “could.” That doesn’t make it so. As of right now, the only way to get this phone is to work for Google.

December 13, 2009