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May 31, 2011

E3 press conference dates & times

Because I intend to watch the press conferences, I made a list of when each conference starts, along with a link to each live stream.

  • Microsoft: June 6, 1900 hours EEST / 1600 hours GMT
  • Sony: June 7, 0300 hours EEST / June 7 0000 hours GMT
  • Nintendo: ¬†June 7, 1900 hours EEST /¬†1600 hours GMT
March 16, 2011

"NGP to be priced at $250, but also $350?"

Don’t you just love Kotaku? They classify this post as a rumour, when it is, in fact, the result of a survey conducted by a third party. They even admit as much:

Of course, being a survey conducted by a third-party publisher and not Sony itself, these prices could well be pure conjecture.

Of course it’s pure conjecture, so why have such a misleading title? Also, I’d bet against a $250 price point.

February 7, 2011

Code name: Next Generation Portable

When Sony unveiled the successor to the PlayStation Portable two weeks ago, they specifically called it by its code name. I find this somewhat strange: if its final name is indeed PSP2 as is commonly thought, they would probably have named it as such during the announcement. My guess is that Sony is trying to reposition the NGP as an all-purpose portable device and not just a games platform, and the final name will likely reflect this. However, I don’t expect them to drop the well-recognised “PlayStation” brand altogether.