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December 28, 2010

Games of 2010: my top three

With all major video game publications selecting their games of the year, an unordered list of my top three follows.

Alan Wake

In my book, Alan Wake is all about atmopshere. But Alan Wake may very well be the most atmospheric game I’ve ever experienced, which in itself warrants a spot on my top three list. It’s a crying shame that this title evidently didn’t meet sales expectations.

Red Dead Redemption

Taking place in a setting that is grossly underused and with a story and ending that gripped me from start to finish, Read Dead Redemption is one of the very best of 2010. Rockstar has come a long way in terms of both storytelling and refined gameplay, and this game is their best showpiece.

Gran Turismo 5

One would not have expected Gran Turismo 5 to have as many flaws at release, but the sheer experience of driving a high-powered automobile is sublime, and unlike and other racing game on the console market. I’ll be playing this for many years to come.