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June 8, 2012
December 28, 2011

To The Moon

To The Moon isn’t a much of a game, but a story about human relationships; bonds that are fragile but sometimes bound by a common destiny. It’s expertly written, funny, utterly heartbreaking but also uplifting.  An excellent piece of narrative, regardless of medium.

It’s my personal game of the year, surpassing even Portal 2. You can purchase the full version on Freebird Games’ website for about $15.


June 2, 2011

Portal 2

Though the novelty has worn off, the Portal 2 improves on its predecessor in every other way.


January 20, 2011

Doug Lombardi on PS3 Portal 2, Steam on 360

A short but sweet article by Ars Technica.

Now that Steam is running on the PlayStation 3, the service may be added to other games as well as Portal 2, but Lombardi refuses to give any specific news. “We are hoping other titles will benefit from the Steamworks tools and services we’ve created for Portal 2 PS3, but we don’t have anything to announce today.”

September 9, 2010

The men behind Portal's musical score

Portal’s ending theme may well be one of the greatest video game songs ever created, and the duo behind it are also working on the sequel’s music. Jonathan Coulton:

I live and die by the niche, basically. I write all these geeky songs. It’s Internet people who keep me afloat for the most part. But then, suddenly there was this Portal thing, and it was a global phenomenon, and it reached all sorts of people that I wouldn’t have otherwise reached.

July 6, 2010