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August 26, 2012


A new protocol for open social networking.

Tent is decentralized, not federated or centralized. Any Tent server can connect to any other Tent server. All features are available to any server as first-class citizens. Anyone can host their own Tent server. Tent servers can also be run as Tor hidden services to create a social darknet for at-risk organizers and activists. Anyone can write applications that connect to Tent in order to display or create user content.

June 13, 2011

First commerical use for SPDY

Google’s SPDY is a web protocol designed as an improvement over HTTP.

Website optimization company Strangeloop has built SPDY into its flagship product Site Optimizer, software that sits in between a website and its users, and adjusts the site’s code to make pages load more quickly.

Mainstream adoption may prove difficult for Google; the protocol requires changes to both browsers and server software. Currently, the only browser to support SPDY is Google Chrome.

September 8, 2009

Following the news that WordPress.com has turned on support for RSS Cloud, maxpagels.com has also been updated to include this capability, thanks to Joseph Scott’s plugin.

The WordPress blog explains what RSS Cloud support brings to the table:

Right now how most people interact with feeds is by checking that it updated every now and then, usually about once an hour. Can you imagine waiting an hour to get your emails? (The world would probably be more productive.) RSS Cloud is an extra element in your RSS feed that allows subscribers to say “Hey, let me know as soon as you’ve updated, kthx.”

You’ll need an RSS aggregator that supports RSS Cloud to take advantage of this new functionality. Dave Winer’s own River2 is the only one I know that already supports it, but I bet many will follow suit in the near future.