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January 8, 2016

Billion-dollar startup Automattic hires employees without ever meeting them or talking to them on the phone

Then the hiring manager invites the person into a Skype chat, telling them to respond when they can. No matter where the people live, no one is doing a middle-of-the-night interview.

The manager asks “strategic” questions, like how comfortable the person is with various programming languages, to share a link/screen shot of their work, their thoughts on things, Martin describes.

If that goes well the person is invited to do a trial project. Coding assignments are pretty common these days. But Automattic pays the person $25/hour and issues no deadline, although most people get it done in about a month, Martin says. People can work on it as they have time and do it while retaining their current jobs.

Remote working isn’t exactly a new concept, but in my opinion, what Automattic does is truly unique. And as far as I can tell, it works brilliantly.