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July 14, 2013
July 5, 2013


Miniflux is a minimalist and open source news reader.

Installing this right now. (via One Thing Well)

March 18, 2013

Three Months to Scale NewsBlur

I had been preparing for a black swan event like this for the last four years since I began NewsBlur. With the deprecation of their social features a year ago I knew it was only a matter of time before Google stopped supporting Reader entirely. I did not expect it to come this soon.

March 14, 2013

Google to retire Reader

There are two simple reasons for this: usage of Google Reader has declined, and as a company we’re pouring all of our energy into fewer products. We think that kind of focus will make for a better user experience.

For people like me, who have grown accustomed to reading all of their news via RSS, this is disappointing. Hopefully I can find another service as good as this one is (was).

January 9, 2013
November 24, 2010

Site update

Finally, the day is here: posts whose titles links to external sites now do so in the RSS/Atom feeds, too.