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July 19, 2013

Following my previous post, I started thinking: is there really any way to measure ROI on social media engagement? I can’t think of anything offhand, unless you are selling a product or service only on social networks. That, or by offering a discount or other incentive only to those who came to you via a social network.

Those are measurable things. Measuring if and how exposure and engagement in social media benefits a company long-term is a lot more complicated.

Does social media have a return on investment?

“Today the equation to measure that doesn’t exist,” says Doug Clark, Audi of America’s general manager for social media and customer engagement. Audi has a full-time team monitoring its presence on social-media sites, it’s constantly posting new content, and it has even held special events for the most devoted members of the online Audisphere … Clark concedes that, so far, he doesn’t have any numbers to prove that all this engagement has resulted in, you know, selling more cars.

As pointed out, I suspect most companies don’t really care about the ROI—just the visibility.