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October 16, 2015

The Most Mysterious Star in Our Galaxy

In 2011, several citizen scientists flagged one particular star as “interesting” and “bizarre.” The star was emitting a light pattern that looked stranger than any of the others Kepler was watching.

One possible theory is that an extraterrestrial civilisation has built a bunch of structures close to it. It’s extremely far-fetched, but riveting to think about. The scholarly paper detailing the discovery can be found here (PDF).

January 31, 2014

Russian Space Farmers Harvest Wheat, Peas and Greens

A variety of crops have been successfully harvested on board the International Space Station and verified as safe to eat, a Russian scientist said Wednesday.

“The experiments with peas have been very promising,” Margarita Levinskikh, a researcher at the Institute of Biomedical Problems told an annual space conference in Moscow.

Russian cosmonauts have also grown Japanese leafy greens and a variety of dwarf wheat that has produced seeds of “just extraordinary quality,” she added.

Space agriculture.