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May 3, 2015

Esquire's interview with Stephen Graham

No worries. This is England is the exception to all this, of course…

Yeah, it stands on its own in my eyes. Before I began filming my storyline Shane [Meadows, the director] sat me down I watched the first few episodes and I was blown away by it. To me it was a master class in acting. We’re watched these young people grow up for the past 10 years, watched their characters develop and progress – it’s beautiful. He had me laughing my head off one minute, then I was in tears the next. Television that can make you do that is what we used to watch television for.

A great interview of one of my favourite actors. Also, I’ll use any excuse to link to material discussing This is England.

June 11, 2013

This Is England '88

I said the following regarding This Is England ’86:

Gritty, realistic, occasionally funny and constantly brilliant.

There really is nothing to add; This Is England ’88 is still all of these things. It’s some of the most brilliant television I have ever watched.