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September 30, 2009

EyeTV maker Elgato has released an $4.99 EyeTV companion app for the iPhone / iPod touch. From their site:

With the EyeTV application, you can watch, record, and enjoy live and recorded TV on your iPhone or iPod touch. At last, you don‘t have to leave all your great TV shows at home; the EyeTV app puts the power of award-winning EyeTV in the palm of your hand.

TUAW has posted some impressions of the app:

What’s the verdict? The bottom line is this version of EyeTV for the iPhone feels very much like the 1.0 app it is……

…..once Elgato shakes out the bugs in the app it’ll definitely be worth the money, particularly if they can get remote access to be a little less rickety.

I’ve played with the initial version a bit – it’s definitely worth considering if you have an EyeTV device.