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February 16, 2011

Forbes profiles Gabe Newell

But knowing what not to do is the reason Newell is on top. As EA Chief Riccitiello says about why Newell succeeds: “I don’t know what would be the right expression . . . maniacally focused?”

January 20, 2011

Doug Lombardi on PS3 Portal 2, Steam on 360

A short but sweet article by Ars Technica.

Now that Steam is running on the PlayStation 3, the service may be added to other games as well as Portal 2, but Lombardi refuses to give any specific news. “We are hoping other titles will benefit from the Steamworks tools and services we’ve created for Portal 2 PS3, but we don’t have anything to announce today.”

December 2, 2010

Assorted links II

  • Grickle — the foundation for Telltale’s Nelson Tethers: Puzzle Agent.
  • The Times has an article on speed stacking that is worth a read. Apparently, “up- and down-stacking six pyramids in just over six seconds” is humanly possible.
  • Valve knows how to properly announce a title being delayed. From the Portal 2 press release: “This two month slip not only marks the shortest delay in Valve’s proud tradition of delays, it represents the approaching convergence of Valve Time and Real Time”.
September 9, 2010

The men behind Portal's musical score

Portal’s ending theme may well be one of the greatest video game songs ever created, and the duo behind it are also working on the sequel’s music. Jonathan Coulton:

I live and die by the niche, basically. I write all these geeky songs. It’s Internet people who keep me afloat for the most part. But then, suddenly there was this Portal thing, and it was a global phenomenon, and it reached all sorts of people that I wouldn’t have otherwise reached.

July 6, 2010
March 9, 2010

Gamelife's Valve/Steam article

Asked to name other developers that we’d see on Steam, Valve’s Newell demurred. But Steam’s popularity means that as Valve goes, so go other gamemakers. Steam on Mac means many more games on Mac.

To say that Steam is important for the viability of OS X as a gaming platform would be an understatement.