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March 16, 2013


jsonpp is a simple-to-install and fast-to-run command line JSON pretty printer. You’ll love it.

September 28, 2011


The site’s name stands for if this then that. Replace this with a action performed on a popular online service and that with a task to perform on another service, and ifttt makes it happen. For example: if i get a new email labelled “urgent” in Gmail then send me a text message.

I’m having one of those “why didn’t I think of that?” moments. A genius service.

March 13, 2011


GreenGoose is a real-world game platform with wireless sensors that automatically measure things you actually do!

This may actually work, because the exercise sensor is the size of a credit card and the other ones are simple stickers that have year-long batteries built-in. Not having to do anything extra after the initial setup is absolutely key. And the setup has to be extremely simple.