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June 1, 2011

Comments on the Windows Phone 7 SDK

I recently took a university course where we worked in small teams to create a Windows Phone 7 application in five days. This post highlights some of the pros and cons mentioned about the SDK and related tools (pre-Mango update).


  • The freedom to choose either C# or Visual Basic as a programming language
  • The simultaneous use of Expression Blend and Visual Studio 2010 makes it easy to work on UI design independently of underlying application logic
  • Two-way data bindings
  • Automatic memory management
  • Every single Windows Phone 7 handset adheres to a set of baseline requirements
  • Windows Azure


The disadvantages are relatively minor and will likely be addressed in the Mango update. With my limited five-day experience, I’d say Microsoft is off to en encouraging start with its mobile phone initiative.

April 21, 2010